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Egyptian, Greek and Roman History
Egyptian Timeline - black
Greek Timeline - blue
Roman Timeline - red
Prehistory and Celts - green

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3500 BC
First people settle along the Nile.
3400 BC
3300 BC
3200 BC
3100 BC
Hieroglyphic writing is used for the first time.
3000 BC
People arrive in Britain from Europe and begin to farm.
First stone circles are built in Britain.
2900 BC
2800 BC
2700 BC
First stone Pyramid is built.
2600 BC
Pyramids of Giza are built.
2500 BC
Bronze tools and weapons are made for the first time in Britain.

Stonehenge is finished.
2400 BC
2300 BC
2200 BC
2100 BC
2000 BC
1900 BC
1800 BC
1700 BC
1600 BC
Pharaoh Ahmose rules a single Egptian country.
Trade routes begin to form in Britain.
1500 BC
1400 BC
Tutankhamun becomes Pharaoh.
1300 BC
1200 BC
The first small villages are built in Britain.
1100 BC
Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt split.
1000 BC
900 BC
800 BC
700 BC
The first Olympic Games take place (776 BC)
The building of the city of Rome begins (753 BC)
Homer write the Odyssey and the Iliad (750 BC)

Egypt is conquered by Nubians (728 BC)
The Iron Age begins in Britain.
600 BC
Egypt is attacked by Assyrians (671 BC)
500 BC
Egypt is conquered by Persians (525 BC)
Rome becomes a republic (510 BC)
Democracy begins in Athens (508 BC)
The first Celtic Farmers arrive in Britain form Europe.
400 BC
Greeks defeat Persian invaders at the battles of Marathon (490 BC)
Theatre begins (470 BC)
Athens becomes very powerful and controls the whole of Greece
(450 BC)
The Parthenon in Athens is finished (432 BC)
Sparta defeats Athens (404 BC)
300 BC
Alexander the Great begins his conquest of the known world, as far east as India (336 BC)

Alexander the Great conquers Egypt (332 BC)
200 BC
100 BC
Rosetta Stone carved (196 BC)
Rome conquers Greece - Greece becomes part of the Roman empire (146 BC)
Rome conquers Spain (130 BC)

Jesus Crucified (30 AD)
Romans invade and Britain becomes part of the Roman Empire
(43 AD)

Celtic warriors fight the romans in two wheeked chariots (43 AD)
London is founded (50 AD)
Boudicca's rebellion against the romans in Britain
(61 AD)

100 AD
The building of Hadrian's wall begins (122 AD)
200 AD
300 AD
400 AD

The Romans leave Britain (410 AD)
Vandals invade Italy and destroy Rome (455 AD)