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11 February, 2010

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Conduct and Skills
Other Areas
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Effort, Attitude
and Conduct Grade
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Latest Comment
December 09 -
XXX 's attitude has been fantastic. She works incredibly hard at everything she does and seems determined to do her very best no matter what she is doing.
She is thinking hard about the things she needs to do to improve her work and I think it is a sign of maturity that she has been able to take responsibility for her own work.
She has organised and used her time really well and has met all or the deadlines which have been set.

Key Skills
Key Skills are the skills that children develop that allow them to begin to work in an independent way.
These skills include things like talking about work in a way which shows understanding, planning what
they are going to do and thinking aboutwhat they may find out. As they develop children will be able to work in a
much more logical and thoughtful way and to evaluate what they have discovered and how they have worked.
These skills are used across the curiculum but are especially important when the children are working on
science and technology, or when they are solving problems in maths.

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In maths the children learn how to do different sums so that they can carry out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
When they are developing these skills the children work in a practical way so that they can learn by exploring and investigating.
Later on they learn how to work on paper using their skills to solve increasingly complicated problems.
Shape and Space activities involve the study of things like co-ordinates and the properties of different shapes.
The children learn how to handle data so that they can collect, display and comment about the things they have found out.
Much of the children’s work involves the application of key skills when solving problems and investigating various areas.
This involves teaching the children to apply appropriate methods of working so that they can structure their own work.

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Learning to reading is one of the most important skills that a child will ever learn.
In addition to helping the children to develop the skills that they will need to function in the world as adults
we try to encourage a love of literature so that children will want to read a wide range of different books.
As they get older and improve the children will develop the ability to analyse texts using inference and deduction
and showing a real understanding of the things that they are reading.
We hope that the children will become fluent readers who are able to read aloud in an effective way.


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Learning to write is very complicated and only takes place with a lot of practice and over a long period of time.
Reading every day will helpo this a lot and the more practice that your child gets the better.
As they get older the children will decvelop their creative writing skills so that they can write effective stories and imaginative and vivid poems.
In addition to this they are taught~ non-fiction styles ofwriting, including reports,arguments, persuasive writing and instructions.
They learn how to organise and present their writng properly and to spell and punctuate work correctly.


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Other Areas

Creativity Comment
We think that it is important to encourage our children to develop in a creative way.
This is why we employ specialist art and music teachers and why we attempt to make our curriculum and our topics
as creative as possible through a range of experiences and activities.
In addition to developing creative skills in areas like art and music we hope that children will also develop the ability
to think in a creative way.

Sport, Fitness and Health Comment
The school places a great deal of importance on the children's health and fitness.
All of our children have at least 2 hours of curriculum sport and in addition to this we provide a great range
of extra curricular lunchtime and after school clubs.
The school has "Healthy School" status and we are constantly trying to inform and educate our children so that they
are able to make healthy choices and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Achievements and Experiences
If there is one over-riding aim in school it is that we try and offer our children as wide a range of experiences
as we possibly can before they leave us at the end of Year 6.
These experiences are designed to support and extend our curriculum and beyond this to give our children the
opportunity to develop as people.
These experiences include a range of day and residential trips, the opportunity to represent the school in a great range of sports, the chance to take part in a range of music and drama based axctivities, including our Christmas Production, and the opportunity to become involved in many different creative arts projects.

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