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The Tudors
The Tudor family ruled England from 1485 - 1603.

This was one of the most exciting periods of our histrory.
Britain became a much richer and more stable country during this time
and some of our most famous kings and queens were Tudors.

Everyone has heard of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I but there were other
kings and queens too and many famous events.

Tudor Time Line
The Tudors win the battle of Bosworth.
This ends the War of the Roses and
Henry VII becomes king.
Henry VIII becomes king.
The English Defeat the Scots at
the Balttle of Flodden.
Henry breaks away from the Catholic Church
and the Church of England is formed.
England and Wales join under the Act of Union.
1536 - 1539
Nearly 600 religious houses and monasteries are
either closed or destroyed.
Mary, Queen of Scotts says she should
be queen of England and Scotland.
Edward VI becomes king.
Lady Jane Grey becomes queen.
She isn't a Tudor and only rules for 9 days.
Mary becomes queen.
She is known as "Bloody Mary."
Elizabeth becomes Queen.
She will rule for 45 years.
Sir Francis Drake sets sail for the West
Mary, Queen of Scotts is executed.
The English defeat the Spanish
The first performance of a play by
William Shakespeare.
England is now trading with many different parts
of the world.
The East India Company is set up to trade with India.
Elizabeth dies.
She is the last Tudor.

If you click this Tudor Rose you'll get to a set of
pages which are all about Tudor Society.

The pages were created by children in Class 6
in Autumn 2009.

You can click on the images and words below to go to some
excellent websites where you can find out everything
you could possibly want to know !

This is the front page of a book that the children wrote
about Bideford at the timeof the Tudors.
If you would like a copy e-mail school with your adress and we'll send you one.

Entertaining Elizabeth Game

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