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Tudors were a big part of English history. The Tudor period started with King Henry the 7th who killed Richard 3rd at the Battle of Bosworthy in 1485. It then went onto the great and all powerfull Henry the 8th who was next. He was famous because he had six wives. You can find out all about Henrys wives if you go to Kings and Queens.
Next came his son Edward 6th, then Bloody Mary had her reign and last but not least came Queen Elizabeth the 1st.

In Tudor times people led different lives. Most were poor and some didn't even have a shelter to live in but some people were very rich.
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Tudor social structure was very different to our social structure. If you were king you were in charge of everyone, you could do what you wanted. Know one could tell you what to do and you didn’t need to listen to anyone.
At the other end poor people had no rights at all and had no say in anything.

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