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Classes 1 and 2

Our youngest children are taught in Classes 1 and 2.
All of the children have a fantastic time with Mrs Hare ( who is the teacher in Class 1 ) and Mr Furber ( who teaches Class 2 ).
This page contains information about what these classes have been up to.
If you would like to view a guide to the Foundation Stage Curriculum click here.

Rosemoor Gardens Trip, Autumn 2007
Does this tree want to be cuddled ?

These photographs were taken on one of our Key Stage 1 Autumn Term trips.

The children visited Rosemoor Gardens where, with the help of our staff expert Bryan Sentance, they discovered loads of interesting things about the great outdoors.

We are really lucky in North Devon to have such a great and varied environment. It is fantastic to get the children out of school so that they can learn about the things around them.

Class 2 have been on what is probabbly the best day trip in the world.
They have been finding out about how things change in science and last Wednesday afternoon they visited an icecream factory.
They had a fantastic time and found out lots of interesting things.
The only trouble is that not one of the miserable lot brought any samples back to school for us !!!

Near the end of term the children in Class 2 had the chance to look at and ride on a collection of bikes.Some of them were 100 years old and nobody fell off.

These children have already started to look after their new garden area which is just outside their classroom door.