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General Information

The following gives some general information about the school and hopefully it will reflect most of the things that you want to know.
If you would like to know more please get in touch with us and we will be happy to talk with you, arrange a visit or send you a school prospectus.

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Bradworthy County Primary School was built in 1872 as a Board School. Its one large classroom was eventually divided into three and with the addition of two temporary classrooms continued to be used as the main teaching space until 1985. In that year as a part of its policy to upgrade old schools rather than build new ones the Local Education Authority remodelled the building.

The original school was converted into a hall equipped with gymnasium apparatus for Physical Education plus stage blocks and lights for drama. A new teaching block was built on the site of the former playground and linked to the original building. Four new classrooms were built with underfloor central heating and linking doors. In the centre of this block is a central technology area where the school’s multimedia, internet connected computer network is housed. Each class uses the centre on a rota basis.

In September 2002 the school benefited further from a second building project in response to an increasing school roll, which required the setting up of an extra class. The project has allowed us to construct a purpose built area for our younger children which includes a large new classroom with an adjacent covered outdoor play area which is accessible by both Key Stage 1 classes. We have also been able to provide our younger children with their own toilet and cloakroom areas away from the older children.
This building project has also provided us with additional office and store space, a group teaching area and an extended and re-modelled computer area.

A modern kitchen is attached to the school and provides excellent dinners cooked on the premises by our own school staff. The school took responsibility for its own catering in April 2004 and we are now able to produce meals of an excellent quality prepared from locally produced food.We also operate a break time service.

Outside we have three large playground areas, one of which is fenced and suitable for
a range of ball games and a full sized football field, which in addition to their use during breaks allow us to provide a very full range of sporting activities.

A pre-school playgroup operates each weekday morning into a refurbished outside classroom and this provides the school a valuable link with the pre-school child.

The school benefits from an active and flourishing Parent Teachers’ Association which was formed in the 1980’s. All parents are automatically members of the association and are welcome at all meetings which they are notified of through their children.
During the year many different fund raising and social events are held and money raised spent on extra equipment for the school.

Bradworthy County Primary School offers excellent facilities for your child’s development. We are proud of our school and encourage our parents, pupils and governors to take an active interest in the school to enable us all to constantly improve the quality of education we give to each child.

At Bradworthy we constantly aim to encourage pupils to develop to their full potential in a structured, secure and happy setting, thus laying foundations for maturation into responsive and enquiring scholars who are responsible, polite and thoughtful.

Pastoral Care

At Bradworthy School we approach the care of our children in a positive way, reinforcing the philosophy and ethos of the school and following the school discipline policy.

Our children are fully supervised and we place great emphasis on the welfare and well being of the children in our care.

We aim for our children to feel happy and secure in whatever activity they are taking part in. Teachers, non-teaching staff, welfare staff and other adult helpers are encouraged to approach the care of our children in a positive way, reinforcing the philosophy and ethos of the school and following the school discipline policy.

Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to contact their child’s class teacher or Headteacher if they have any concerns or worries. We encourage parents to share concerns about home circumstances or medical matters which may affect their child’s work or behaviour in school. Any discussions are held in confidence if desired or necessary.

All our children are encouraged to talk freely and openly to any member of staff if they have any worries or problems of any kind on a work or personal level. Staff respond to children in a sympathetic and concerned way, offering advice, support, guidance and reassurance, in confidence if required.

School Attendance

Key Stage 1:
Morning Session 9.00am - 12.00pm
Afternoon Session 1.15pm - 3.30pm

Key Stage 2:
Morning Session 9.00am - 12.15pm
Afternoon Session 1.15pm - 3.30pm

An assembly takes place between 1.15pm and 1.30pm each day.
Morning break takes place between 10.15am and 10.30am.

On arriving at school the children should wait in the playground with their coats and belongings, unless it is raining or cold in which case they should come straight into their classrooms where they should settle down with a quiet activity.

The bell will be rung, to signal the children to line up, at 8.55am each morning and 1.10pm each afternoon. This is so that each session can begin promptly but we would like to point out that children who are not in line at these times are not late for school.

In response to a shortage of local child care the school has operated a drop in service for children since November 2007. Parents are free to drop their children off in school from 8.00am each morning. Any children arriving in school before 8.40am must come in to school and register with a member of school staff. The school is not currently making any charge for this service.

We request that parents leave their children on the playground in the mornings and not come with them into school. It is an important part of a child’s development that they start to become independent and we feel that coming into the school building by themselves is an important first step.

The class teachers are busy preparing for the day before 8.55am but if you do need to talk to them we are happy for you to come in and do so. They are also usually available right at the end of the day if you need to speak to them at any length.
We believe that good communication between the school and parents is very important and parents are encouraged to speak to their children’s teachers whenever they need to. Problems can usually be dealt very easily if we know about them straight away.

We are most grateful to all parents who ensure that their children arrive at school on time, properly dressed in school uniform and ready to learn.

It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the school of the reason for a child’s absence as soon as they possibly can. Wherever possible this should be done via a written note, however telephoning the school office or telling the class teacher verbally are acceptable alternatives.

If you are planning to take your child out of school during the day please make sure you inform their class teacher in advance via a written note, telling them verbally or by ringing the school office.

Children may be granted authorised leave of absence, for annual family holidays, for up to 14 days during any one school year. It should be pointed out that this is not a right and requests should be made to the Headteacher on an official form which is available from the school office.

Special Educational Needs

It is stated that 20% of children will need extra support in some form, to that of their peers at some point in their school life.

Here at Bradworthy we strive to be aware of all children’s needs whether they are educational, physical, medical or emotional and whether they are long or short term.

We aim to identify these children as early as possible and provide the support that is needed either from within the school or by seeking help from other appropriate professionals.
The school has a Special Educational Needs Policy and a named teacher who acts a Special Needs Co-ordinator. Mr Furber is the present SENCO, Special Needs Co-ordinator.

Out of School Clubs / Extra Curricula Activities

The school offers a great range of lunchtime and after school activities and the children are encouraged to take a full part in them.

A timetable is produced at the start of each term and activities usually include :

  • football ( boys and girls )
  • netball
  • tag rugby
  • cricket
  • cross country running
  • rock climbing
  • surfing
  • sailing
  • basketball
  • athletics
  • multi-sports ( for Key Stage 1 )
  • drama
  • art
  • choir
  • recorders

In addition to this all children are offered 10 swimming lessons each year which involves travelling to Holsworthy by coach.

Many of the clubs lead to the children's involvement in inter-school matches and events.

Health and Safety

The aim of our school is to create an atmosphere of carefulness both in and out of school, this is for all users of the school, children, school staff, parents and the community.

This carefulness includes:

• The ability of each individual to protect him/her self
• Concern and consideration for the safety of others
• Knowledge of what to do in certain situations
• Alertness and control
• Cultivation of good habits

For children, good safety habits are taught as part of the whole curriculum. This can be through topics, for instance, a safe place to play which could include Science, English or Technology, and the involvement of outside agencies such as the police, fire brigade, road safety officer etc.
It might also be through a health related topic such as smoking.

At Bradworthy School children are encouraged to develop healthy habits through good health and hygiene routines, for example regular exercise or care of themselves, personal hygiene etc. A positive policy for healthy eating is maintained at school.

Collective Worship

The Collective Worship Policy at Bradworthy School follows the guidance of:

• Circular 1/94 Religious Education and Collective Worship
• Devon Local Education Authority Guidelines on Collective Worship in Maintained Schools

“In the light of the Christian traditions of Great Britain, collective worship is to be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character.” (Education Reform Act 1988, Education Act 1993)

Education Reform Act (1988) and the Education Act (1993) state that acts of worship may contain certain elements drawn from a number of different faiths, but that within each term, the majority of acts of worship must be wholly or mainly of a broadly Christian character.

At Bradworthy School our collective worship is broadly Christian but is distinct from corporate worship within a faith group. There are occasions when other faiths are the focus during collective worship, (for example festivals, holy days etc).

Acts of Collective Worship take place daily in the school hall as follows:
( The majority of meetings last for a period of 15 minutes ).

Monday Rev Dorrington. 1.15 pm
Tuesday Mr Dawson, Music Based. 1.15 pm
Wednesday Mr Stephenson. 1.15 pm
Thursday Mr Furber / Miss Daniel, Choir. 1.15 pm
Friday Mr Stephenson / Mr Furber, Gold Book Awards.1.15 pm

Bad Weather

In certain circumstances it may not be possible for the school to open or we may be forced to close early. Obviously the school will only close if there really is no alternative and wherever possible we will attempt to stay open.

If the school is not able to open, for example as a result of heavy snowfall, there will be an announcement on local radio ( either Radio Devon or Heart FM ) so please tune in for information.
You can also check the school web-site or ring school on 01409 241365.

Many of our families live some distance from the school and this has obvious implications for travel, especially down untreated country lanes. If you have any doubt about whether the school is open or not or if you think that it may not be safe to travel then please don’t send or bring your children in.
You are the best person to assess the local conditions where you live and the school will fully support any decision you make to keep you children home. Their safety should be the most important consideration at all times.

Should the school be forced to close during the day we will contact the parents of children outside the village by telephone as soon as we possibly can so that arrangements can be made for them to get home. Where possible the school bus will run early for those children who travel to school this way.
The school will not allow children to travel home early where we have not made contact with their parents or if we do not know that they are going to some other safe destination, for example a relative or near neighbour. We would rather they were safe in Bradworthy than risk the possibility of arriving home and finding no one there.
If it starts to snow heavily, for example, and you think it prudent to come and get your child/children early then please do so.

If you would like to discuss any of the above please feel free to get in touch.

If you wouldlike to download the school prospectus please click here.