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Year Groups, Classes,Teachers and Staff

Bradworthy Primary School caters for all children from 4 -11 years of age. It is a group 1 school operating as part of Devon Local Education Authority (LEA).

The school currently has 146 children on role and they are organised into six teaching groups. The groups and the relevant teachers are shown below:


Mr Richard Stephenson

Headteacher - Class 6

Miss Becki Daniel Class 5 , SENCO
Miss Denise Kent Class 4
Mrs Angela Davies Class 3
Mr Mike Furber Class 2, Deputy
Mrs Helen Carey Class 2
Mrs Anna Hare Class 1
Mr Dave Dawson Music Teacher
Mr Bryan Sentance Art Teacher
Mr Robin Lewis Sports Coach
Mr Ian Sampson Sports Coach
Ms Jane Addy Language Teacher
Mr Paul Moulton Music Tuition (Brass)
Mrs Anne Stevens Music Tuition (Piano)
Mr Simon Young Climbing Instructor
Mrs Kerry Boyd Gymnastics Instructor
Mr Guy Southard Tae Kwon Do Instructor
Mrs Rose Millman Classroom Assistant
Mrs Val Brown Classroom Assistant, Meal Time Assistant
Mrs Janet Weaver Classroom Assistant
Mrs Teena Cann Classroom Assistant
Mrs Nikki Martyn Higher Level Classroom Assistant
Mrs Lianne Prime Classroom Assistant
Mrs Anne Stevens Meal Time Assistant
Mrs Caroline Stevens Classroom Assistant, Meal Time Assistant
Mrs Janet Petherick Catering Manager
Mrs Angie Walters Catering Assistant
Mrs Tara Sutton Catering Assistant
Mrs Caroline Stevens Caretaker
Mrs Carol Ham Cleaner
Administrative Positions
Mrs Sandra Bailey School Administrator
Mrs Rose Millman Administrator