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Current School Governers

Mr Barry Radford Community Governor, Chair of Governors
Mr Jonny Furse Community Governor, Vice Chair of Governors
Mr Richard Stephenson Headteacher
Mr Mike Furber Teacher Governor
Mrs Caroline Stevens Staff Governor
Rev Richard Dorrington Community Governor
Mr Mark Bromell Community Governor
Ms Jane Addy Minor Authority Governor
Mr Neil Nixon LEA Appointee
Mr Matt Cann LEA Appointee
Mrs Marcia Bentley-Jones Parent Governor
Mr Andrew Carey Parent Governor
Mrs Jo James Parent Governor
Mrs Jayne Purl Parent Governor
Mr Jonathan Barker Parent Governor

To download the governor's most recent annual report click here.

PTA Members

Gill Lark Chair of PTA
Jayne Purl Vice Chair
Justine Johns Secretary
Jo Nancekivell, Elsbeth Moat, Sandra Wellington and Kelly Hudson Social Committee
Teresa Cheel Treasurer