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The Bradworthy Uniform

At Bradworthy School we seek to attain high standards in every aspect of school life.
A high standard of dress is one important, and visible, aspect of this.

We believe that school uniform is very important because :

• It looks smart
• Wears well
• Contributes to a sense of belonging
• Gives a common purpose
• Fosters a feeling of pride
• It provides the children with a sense of discipline which is reflected in their general behaviour and their attitude to work

Boy's Uniform -

Royal Blue School Jumper
Yellow Polo Shirt
Short Grey Trousers
Long Grey Socks
Black Shoes
School Cap

Girl's Uniform -

Royal Blue School Jumper
Yellow Polo Shirt
Grey Skirt / Blue Gingham Dress
Long White Socks
Black Shoes
School Cap

The above uniform is compulsory from the start of the Summer Term and throughout the Autumn Term.
It is strongly encouraged through the whole of the school year.
On days when the weather is cold girls may wear grey tights.
Trainers are allowed as long as they are plain black.
If the weather is cold at other times of the year the children are permitted to wear
over-trousers which can be removed once in school.
As a part of their school uniform all children must wear a school cap when they are outside,
and this should include traveling to and from school at the beginning and end of each day.
This is especially important when the children are taking part in school trips.
When the weather is cold royal blue woolen hats may be worn as an alternative.

Download our Policy Document by clicking here

Below is a list of our school uniform with sizes and prices according. The school keeps a large stock and can normally supply immediately.
You can download an order form by clicking here.

Yellow Polo Shirt
Up to 32" - £7.50
34" and above - £10.00
Royal blue sweatshirt
Up to 32" - £8.00
36" - £10.00


Boys grey shorts

All Sizes - £6.00

Boys grey socks
( knee length )

All Sizes - £1.00


Girls grey skirt

All Sizes - £5.00

Royal blue gingham dress

All Sizes - £7.00
Royal blue sports shorts

All Sizes - £2.50
Royal blue sports socks
( knee length )

All Sizes - £1.50
Royal blue school caps

All Sizes - £2.00
Royal blue woolen hats

All Sizes - £2.50

Please make all cheques payable to Bradworthy School PTA.