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School Trips

Class Trips

At Bradworthy we firmly believe in the importance of enriching the children’s educational and general development through school trips.
These are sometimes day trips linked directly to a certain aspect of the curriculum, for example visiting the beach as a part of a coastal study.

These Year 2 children's science work on change is being supported by a trip to an ice cream factory while these
Year 6 children take part in a geography field trip to the river Torridge.

To find out about the class day trips that our children have been on go to the Class pages
by clicking on Year Groups and Classes.

Residential Trips

Years 5 and 6 will be visiting london in July 2011.
Year 4 will be visiting Penzance in June 2011.
Year 3 will be visiting South Devon.

We have developed a range of residential visits which we offer each year to children in Key Stage 2. We make every effort to ensure that the children are
provided with as many varied experiences as possible whilst on these trips and to keep costs as low as possible the school is committed to
subsidising them as heavily as they can. In 2006 / 2007 the school supported trips with an allocation of £ 3000.

While children are in Years 3 and 4 they have the opportunity to go on two three day residential visits to Penzance and Bristol.
The children visit places like The Eden Project, St Michael's Mount, The National Maratime Museum, The Roman Baths in Bath, @Bristol and Bristol Zoo.
They also go dry slope skiing, ice skating, bowling, take part in laserquest and visit the theatre.

While children are in Years 5 and 6 they have the chance to go on two five day visits to London and North Wales.

When we are in North Wales we always climb to the top of Snowdon, usually going up the Pyg Track.
This is quite an old photo from our last web-site but it shows the excellent view which we have been unable to see on several occasions because of terrible weather near the top.
Packed lunches in the rain, but worth it !!!

A few of the places that the children visit include the London Eye, The Tower of London, The Tate, The Natural History Museum, The Planetarium,
The Houses of Parliament, Blists Hill Victorian Town, Baumaris Castle, court and Gaol, and Alton Towers and Thorpe Park Theme Parks.
The children also visit the theatre in London ( to see the Lion King last time we went ), go dry slope skiing, ice skating, rock climbing, canoeing
and mountain walking ( including an ascent of Snowdon ).

snowdon 2010 1
snowdon 2010 2
snowdon 2010 3
snowdon 2010 4
North Wales 2010
snowdon 2010 5
snowdon 2010 6
snowdon 2010 7

London 2009

Penzance 2009


You will be able to read what we
thought of our trip
on the Class 3 Page very soon .........

North Wales 2008

Thirty nine children from Years 5 and 6 and 6 Adults went to North Wales on our school residential trip. We left school on Monday 7th July at 7.00 for the long trek across the country to Wales.

On the way to wales we stopped off at Taunton Deane service station for a toilet break and to stretch our legs.

When we got to Birmingham we stopped at the Black Country Museum. The museum is a place where they have recreated times from a centuary ago. It was impressive seeing all the places in the town. We went down a mine and on a canal boat, some of us had to leg our way through which means push on the sides to move the boat.
Mr Stephenson bought hos group chips. Yum Yum!
We got to the hostel at 8.00pm and we were very tired.

The hostel was at aplace called Pen-Y-Pass. It is very high up and you can see the mountains out of the windows.

On Tuesday everyone woke up at 7.30and after a hearty Breakfast we were ready to start the day.
Everyone was split into 4 groups. Groups 1 and 4 did canyoning and climbing, swapping over inb the afternoon.
Groups 2 and 3 did kayaking and orienteering. Evereyone had a great time.
On wednesday the groups swapped over. everyone got really wet Kayaking and on Wednesday everyone got really wet because of the weather.
We also went around the electric mountain which is a water power station built inside a mountain. It only takes 12 seconds to turn it on.

Thursday was the day that we climbed Snowdon.

We all set off at 9.00am, all buzzing. At one point the weather was so bad thast it didn't look like we were going to make it but eventually 19 children made it to the top, we were so overjoyed.
The wind was nearly gale force, we were up in the clouds and it was nearly freezing.
Mr Stephesnon said it was the worst weather he's been up in.
Everyone had a really challenging and good day.

On Friday we went to Alton Towers. We rode on some intense rides.
The best ones were Nemesis, Air, Rita and Oblivion.

We finally got home at 12.30am and we were all very tired.

Everyone had a fantastic time in Wales.

Penzance 2008

We asked Evie, Casey, Gavin and Josh these questions:

What part of the trip did you enjoy and why?
Evie liked the theatre because the characters were brilliant and the acting fantastic. Josh and Casey liked going to the cinema because the film was so good. Gavin lliked the Beast at Crealy because it was scary.

What was the best thing about the hostel?
Evie, Gavin and Josh liked the food best but Casey said the best thing was sharing a room with her friends.

What was the hardest thing you did?
Everyone thiought that the boat building wa really hard but they all enjoyed this a lot.

Did you enjoy Crealy, what was best, why?
Everyone liked going to Crealy a lot. Evie liked the indoor play area but the other three said that the Beast ride was the best thing there.

Bath 2008

Year 3 Residential Trip to Bath and Bristol.

On the 11th JUne Class 3 went on a residential trip to Bath.They went for three days accompanied by Mr Stephenson, Mrs Brown and Mrs Davies. It sounds like they had a really good time at Bristol and Bath.

On the way up they stopped at Wookey Hole Caves to go underground and look at the different rock formations. Wookey Hole is an amazing place to go and Year 3 really enjoyed it, although some were afraid of the dark, including Mr Stephenson !!!

On the trip Class 3 visited @Bristol, the Roman Baths and SS Great Britain and on the way home they visited Cricket St Thomas which is a wild life park. In the evenings thye went to the cinema and saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and they also went swimming at a leisure centre, which was apparently FANTASTIC !!

The Year 3 children really enjoyed the trip a lot and it sounds like they had a great time.

by Abbie (Year 5)

London 2007

Year 5 and 6 Trip to London

Our trip to London was fantastic. We really enjoyed ourselves and even mangaed to get in some education. The places we went to were really exciting and we learned a lot, even though it just seemed like having a loads of fun at the time.

On Monday 14th July 26 children from Years 5 and 6 and 4 teachers (Mr Stephenson, Miss Daniel, Mrs Furness and Miss Rothwell) left for London.
We left at 6.15am!

When we arrived in London we went straight on the London Eye where we had a fantastic view of the whole city, then to the National Gallery to see all th paintings and in the evening we went to see harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix.

On Tuesday we went to the Houses of Parliament then to the British Museum. We also went on a river trip on the Thames. In the evening we went Ice Skating in Nottinghill.

On Wednesday we went to Madam Tussaud's and to the Tower of London where we saw the Crown Jewels. In the evening we saw the amazing Lion King at the theatre.

On Thursday we went to St Paul's Cathedral where we climbed to the very top of the dome then we walked to Buckingham Palace (unfortunately The Queen didn't invite us in !) and took the tube to the Science Museum where we got a spy card and went on a mission. In the evening we went 10 pin bowling.

On Friday we nearly drowned when we went to Thorpe Park but had a great time in the sun when the rain finally stopped.

We got back to school at 1.00am on Saturday morning. We were really tiered but we'd had a brilliant time.

By Jess and Megan (Year 5)

Bristol 2007

Brilliant Bristol

In May Year 3 went to Bristol for three days, they had lots of fun and no one got home sick (fantastic).
They went for three days and crammed tonnes of stuff in.
This is what they did:
OnTuesday they left school at 9.00 and went to Wookey Hole Show Caves on the way to break up the journey to Bristol.
In the evening they went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Bristol Hippodrome.
On Wednesday they went to At Bristol, science exploritory and planetarium. Then they went on a boat trip around Bristol Docks and to the Roman baths in Bath. In the evening they went ice skaing.
On Thursday they went to SS Great Britain. On the way back they went to Bristol Zoo and got back at 6.00pm.
They all had loads of fun and loved what they did. Mrs Davies (their Class teacher) said, "it was great, especially going on SS Great Britain."

By Jess (Year 5)

Penzance 2007

From Wednesday 6th June to Friday 8th June our Year 4s went to Penzance for a residential trip, they had a great time.
At 9.00am on Wednedsay morning Year 4 were on a coach heading for Penzance but before they got to the hostel they stopped at the Eden Project. First they had lunch then they looked around the domes. They looked in the bio dome first and it was full of really interesting plants that we don't get in this country.
At the hostel they unpacked and had tea. Then a game of cricket before going to the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean at the Worlds End.
Next day they went to the Maritime Museum where they saw all the boats. After that they went to ASt Michael's Mount to see the castle and the Giant's Heart. After tea they went to the Minak Theatre to see Robin Hood.
On the last day they went to Cornwall's Crealy where they went on all the rides.

By Matt and Tom (Year 6)

North Wales 2006

Wales Trip 2006

From Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th July
Some of the year 5’s and 6’s went on a school residential to Wales.
We left school at 7:00am.
We stayed at a youth hostel nearly at the base of Mount Snowdon.

On the way up we went to a Victorian village where you had to change your money into Victorian money and you could go into a Victorian pub and a sweet shop and it was really good.

On Tuesday we split into 2 groups. One group went canoeing whilst the other group visited the slate mines. In the afternoon we swapped over.

On Wednesday we were split in 3 groups one of the groups were called the fast group another was called medium group and the last group was the slow group.
The fast group set off first, then the slow group and then the medium group set off.
The first to reach the summit was Mr. Stephenson’s group with a guide called Ian.
Mrs. Brown’s group was next and their guide was called Stuart.
Unfortunately the third group only reached half way before they had to go back because of thunder and lightening. That was Mrs. Furness group and their guide was called Topper.

On the Summit of Snowdon

On our way up the Pyg Track

The Victorian Fayre

When we reached the summit nearly everybody phoned home.
In the evening after tea we all went swimming and most of us jumped off the diving boards. There were 3 different heights to choose from.
After swimming we went back to the youth hostel.

On Thursday the people who didn’t make it to the top of Snowdon went up by the train with Miss Daniels, Mrs. Furness and Dean (the coach driver), whilst the rest of the group went rock climbing.
In the evening we went to the cinema to watch
Everyone really enjoy it. When we got back to the youth hostel we had a drink and packed before going to bed.

On Friday before breakfast we had to give our suitcases to Dean and he loaded them onto the coach.
After breakfast we set off for Alton Towers.
We arrived back at school at 1:10am we were all very tired.

This was a very exciting trip which was a lot of fun with loads to do. I’m sure we will never forget it.

By Daniella Stevens

A Victorian sing-a-long in the pub ( no beer! )

Underground in the Slate Caverns

Climbing aTryfan Bach
In the 1950s a climber called Joe Brown and his friends slid down the Mountain Railway after their climbs by placing a flat rock on the centre rack of the line and their feet on the rails for balance.
That's unfair we had to walk down.

We got back at 1am on Saturday morning.These weren't the only "sleepy heads" !!!
Refresments were first served at the summit of Snowdon by an enterprising miner called Morris Williams in 1838.
We had to carry our own food up and we bought toys from the shop instead of refreshments.

Some people think that in good weather Snowdon is not that dangerous and that they don't need lots of fancy outdoor gear. Is this true?

Settled weather is rare and cannot be relied upon. So it makes sense to be prepared for a change. Many people have got into difficulties through lack of basic clothing and equipment.
When we walked up Snowdon the weather was boiling, we were wearing T-shirts and we couldn't stop drinking water. When we were walking down though there were hail stones the size of marbles. After that there wasloads of rain which got us soaked. It was a good job that we has the right gear.

Oliver Bentley-Jones

Bristol 2006

Our Year 3 and 4 children had a fantastic time when we
spent 3 days away in Bristol during May.

We visited Wookey Hole, The Roman Baths, Bristol Zoo, The Science Exploratory, Wild Walk and IMAX Cinema
We also played Lasrquest and went Ice skating.

The pictures show us outside Wookey Hole, dressed as Romans at the Roman Baths and trying to
generate electricity @Bristol.