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Class 5
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Year 5 Swimming, Autumn 2008

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characters have been up to .....

Click this picture to find out about our Year 4 residential trip to Penzance

Buckland Abbey

On Friday 23rd May Class 4 went to Buckland Abbey which is near Plymouth.

Buckland Abbey is an old house that used to be owned by monks. Monks are holy people who worship God.
The monks sold the house to Richard Grenville who was a cousin of Sir Francis Drake. Richard then sold the house to Drake, who was living there when the Spanish Armada came to invade Britain.

When they were at Buckland Abbey Class 4 looked around the house. They thought it was amazing, especially the bits that were just like they would have been in Tudor times. The guides were really good.

Drakes Drum was in the house. A story says that if England is in danger and the drum is beaten then Drake will come back and save us.

After looking round the house they dressed up as Tudor children. Class 4 looked excellent in Tudor clothing.

The Re-opening of the Highwayman
Last term when we looked at the Highwayman we looked at it as a poem, but now we are trying to persuade a judge to re-open the case of the Highwayman. Nearly every thing went wrong so now it’s up to us to put things right!

The tale of the Highwayman and his lover Bess (plus the nasty villain’s!!!) begins at the old inn where Bess and her father lived and worked. One night the Highwayman and Bess were talking, but Tim the Ostler was listening to their every word. Tim loved Bess, so he told the red coats were to find one of the many Highwaymen they were searching for. When he did get caught he was shot , but that’s not all……….they tied Bess up for no reason!!!! And they forced her to shoot herself. But how I hear you ask, well they tied a musket (a type of gun) to her breast. So after that the highwayman and Bess became ghosts together.

Some of the things we learned this time are things we didn’t know before. The Highwayman has been even more interesting now we have investigated the case of crimes committed and how the soldiers acted illegally. Most of the evidence we had was very interesting to study.

When we were investigating the story we did some hot-seating where six people (seven if you count the Lucy Bess) dressed up as the characters and answered lot’s of questions that were thrown at them. They did it very well.
When we did the hot-seating we interviewed all of the characters and found out all about their side of the story. It was very interesting to find out what they thought about all of the things that happened. We even tied both Bess’s up with a gun to show everyone what happened!

Then we went to court to try and persuade the judge (i.e. Miss Daniels) to re-open the case of the highwayman. We spent days practicing our speeches using all of our persuasive skills. On the day, we used the interactive white board to show our evidence while we presented our cases to the judge and the rest of the class. Most of us felt nervous about speaking in front of the class but some loved it. It was brilliant fun and even though some were scared every-one enjoyed it.

By Beth and Sophie

Morwellham Quay Visit

Click on this picture to find out about our trip to Penzance in June 2007

In May 2006 the children in Years 3 and 4 went to Bristol on a three day visit.
Click the photo below to go to our school trip web page.

Class 4 are started 2005 with a new teacher.
Miss Daniel comes from Appledore which makes her almost local !

She trained in Nottingham and is really good at music. We all think that we are very lucky that she came to work at Bradworthy.

Class 4 have been studying the Second World War.

This poem was written by Maisie about the thoughts and feelings of the people of Coventry when their Cathedral was destroyed by bombs in an air raid.

Love and sorrow filled the air,
cries of children here and there.
Father, Father please forgive,
so many people here to live.

You watch up there and see the fear,
Why can’t your power stop it here?
no more destruction,
no more pain,
and no more war for the world.

The fire lighting in the sky,
why go on, why, why?
This cross burned but now I realise,
you’re showing that was how you died.

Our Autumn topic was all about rivers.
In Class 4 we have been learning about the main features of rivers and how they are formed.
To help us we decided to act as a river and develop our own features as we went.
The photo's show our attempts at creating some meanders in the path of our river.

We have learnt that meanders are "bends" in rivers, and we have also seen how a meander becomes wider as it develops.

Class 4 have been visited by our local river bailiff who talked to the children about his job
and about the River Torridge.
We considered habitat, looking at some of the animals and plants which live in the Torridge.