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School News
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School news letters can be downloaded from the foot of this page.
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If you want to know about Drama or Music ( including our Christmas play ) or School Trips you can also click here.
News which relates to individual classes can be found by following the Year Groups and Classes link.

2010 - 2011
Click here for term dates

School Clubs - Autumn 2010


Lunch Club

After School Club



Girl’s Football
Multi – Sports (KS 1), run by Year 6 children.

Team Football




Gymnastics (Year 1 and 2)
Football (KS 2)
Netball (KS 2)
Art ( ? )


Football (KS 1)

Tae Kwon Do (Year 5/6)
Climbing (Year 5)
Art (Year 3/4)


Tag Rugby

Brass Band
Climbing (Year 5)
Multi – Sports (KS 1)


Multi – Sports (KS 1), run by Year 6 children

Surfing and other Adventurous Sports
Drama / Choir

2009 - 2010

These are our Year 6 Leavers on the last day of term with their shirts signed.
We'd all like to wish them the very best for the future.

year 6 leavers 2010

"Fleasops Flabulous Fables"
fleasop 1
Click the photo for lots more images of our Year 3/4 Play.

Luke was our Year 6 winner of the PTA's Easter Egg competition this year.
Photos of Luke's winning entry, "The Stig", and of all of the other winners will
appear after Easter.

Our Parish Council have run an anti-litter competition and our children have produced posters to try and spread the don't litter our village message.

The children who won the competition were given an Easter Egg and their posters will be on display in the village.

The message is very simple - we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. So lets look after our environment.

Sport Relief - "Mad Mile"
mad mile 2
mad mile 1
mad mile 3
Video footage coming soon on the Sports Page .........

gym 1

Coming Soon - "The Cabinet of Curiosities"

As you may know each year the school have held an exhibition of some sort. For example last year we did the
Flying Fish in the Enchanted Forest. Everyone made a fish and they were all amazing!

We already have a Cabinet of Curiosities up in school and these are some of the things in it: 
Of course they aren’t real they are just mythical!

Some time between Easter and half term we are holding our exhibition again!
We are having a cabinet of curiosity and some astro-physics (stars).
We are all making stars and so far they are fantastic. They are all unique and everyone’s are different.
They will be hanging from some wooden frames that will be nailed to the ceiling and they will look like real stars!

When the cabinet goes up in the hall it will look brilliant I can’t wait and by then I’m sure we will
have a lot more curiosities too.

Without our art teacher Mr Sentence none of this would be possible, we are very grateful and would love to say
a massive, massive thank you to him.

By Chelsea and Ellie

Steel Burnt by Biscuit

History was made at IGER on the 19th of March when a Pyromaniac (explosive expert) burnt through solid steel with a biscuit !

This was observed by the children of years five and six of Bradworthy School, they saw metal sizzled by a biscuit.

The pyromaniac introduced a tightly woven steel net and placed the biscuit on it. He then set alight to the digestive and pulled away quickly as it erupted into a tongue of flame. The Bradworthy children watched in awe as the biscuit burnt spectacularly.
When it had burnt out he removed the steel net and held it up for all to see. To the audiences shock, we could see through the net!

IGER 10 1

The Science of It…
So lets get this straight, you can’t just set light to a biscuit and watch metal melt. You have to do the maths first! (Or science rather.)
First the pyromaniac soaked the biscuit in Liquid oxygen to oxygenise the digestive so that the fire could burn better and hotter. It did this because fire burns on the oxygen as well as the fuel. 
All of the biscuit burnt at once, not just the outer layer.
So now you can you can say you’ve heard everything, even beating metal with a biscuit !

Alice and Holly

First day of term - Spring 2010

Bradworthy School
Christmas Meal

Our school kitchen continues to go from strength to strength.

Janet and her kitchen
staff are regularly serving over 90 meals a day.
Even by these satndards the Christmas meal was a big occasion.

Including staff over 160 meals were cooked and served and the food was amazing !!

The party atmosphere wasn't all that bad
either !!!

Are these children terrified or excited ?
These pictures are from our final rehearsals for our Christmas Play "Scooby Dooby Doo" so it must be fear !!!

Here's Santa in his Grotto at our annual Christmas Craft Fayre.

Don't tell anyone but this isn't the real Santa !!
He was a bit too busy to come along !!!

As usual the children in Year 6 competed in their
House Teams to make the biggest profit.

We'll be placing the winning teams report on their performance on the Class 6 web page this week.

The children in Class 6 have been working really hard to produce
a web-site based on Tudor Social Structure

Click on the photo to link to it.

We raised just over £200 for
Children in Need
by holding a non-uniform day
and by selling cakes
which we baked at home and
sold in school at break time

Why is Lois looking like this?
Click her photo to visit our Sports News page and find out.

This isn't Guy Fawkes it's Robert Cecil but we're still going to burn
him on the village bonfire this 5th November.
Click the photo to find out more .........

We've been working with Mr Dawson in a Steel Band Workshop.
Some competition for our Brass Band ?
Probably Not !
.......... but we're having loads of fun !

Halloween Disco

Classes 5 and 6 have been visiting the 1646 experience in Torrington.

We've been learnign about the battle and finding out about how people lived during the Stuart period of British history.

In Class 6 we are building a structure using Tudor building techniques.
Click on the photo to visit our Class 6 page.

Since the start of the Autumn Term 2009 we have been running Six Classes.
Unfortunately we have had to set one of them up in our hall but we
are happy to put up with this for a while because it means
our children can be taught in average class sizes
of less than 23 children per teacher.

Clubs :
(Autumn 2009)

After School
Girl's Football
Brass Band Club

Recorders (Years 3 and 4)
Multi Sports (KS 1)

Football (KS 2)
Netball (KS 2)
Swimming ( Years 5 and 6 )
Tag Rugby (KS 2)
Key Stage 1 Football
Surfing ( Years 5 and 6 )

Our Brass Club has started again.
In addition to free tuition each week the children also
attend Brass Group where they get the chance to play together.

2008 - 2009

We started off with 30 children involved in walks on Dartmoor and in
the end only these few were left !
The only ones to successfully complete our most extreme sporting event .........

......... The Ten Tors Dartmoor Challenge !!!

Year 5 and 6 visited London on their residential trip this summer.

Click on the image to see more photos.
A few years ago we got in to the Guiness Book of Records by performing the World's biggest Maypole Dance.

This year we have achieved another first .........

Our Year 5 children climbed to the top of High Willhays on Dartmoor which at 621m is the highest point in the South of England.
A timely break in the weather allowed us to perform two dances to an accompaniment from Mr Dawson on the accordion.

Our Tag Rugby team are North Devon Champions !!!

Go to our sports page to see more photos and to read a report.

This is Class 5's first Dartmoor training walk and we're already
on top of a mountain.

African Drumming

The hot weather over the last coupe of weeks has put us in mind of foreign parts.
The children have started to learn to drum with Mr Dawson and we've even started to think about holding an Africa Week.

Its certain to rain now.

A couple of years ago we got in to the Guiness Book of Records by holding
the biggest ever maypole dance with over 100 children dancing at the same time .........

......... with the help of Mr Dawson we're dancing again this year.
All we need now is a good idea for another record attempt !!!

Back on the Water Again .........

Our sailing club is back on.
The first session took place in beautiful sunshine, but only a light breeze !

Lots of excitement at Woodlands on the Year 3 Residential Trip

Click on the image to see more photos.

From the start of this Half Term the children will need to wear a cap when they are outside and especially when they are on trips. It would be great
if they all had one of these School Caps.

They are available at the bargain price of only £2 each.
You can order them from our School Office.

If you don't want to buy a cap from school please ensure that your child has an alternative plain royal blue cap.

Who are these stern faced Victorians ?
......... and in particular who is the strangely bearded young lady on the left ?

Click on the image to find out !

Class 5 Eggstravaganza
As an escape from the dreaded Tests Class 5 held and Eggstravaganza during SAT Week.
On of the things we did was cook egg-based recipies.

Go to Class 5's page to find out who won and what else we go up to .........

Community Fun Day - School Art Exhibition

In addition to giving us the opportunity to show the world the fantastic art work which the children have been producing this term the community fun day gave all of these agencies and groups the chance to meet local people and show them all of the things that they can offer.
The weather was terrible - four solid hours of pouring rain - but the turn out was great and we certainly had loads of muddy fun !!!

These were the groups that attended:
Age Concern
Bradworthy Archive
Sumo Suits
Womens Institute
Brownies & Guides
Bradworthy Vehicle Museum
Carnival Committee
Citizens Advice Bureau
Community Action North Devon
Bradowrthy Credit Union
Devon Care & Repair
Forestry Commission
Holsworthy Adult & Communityl learning
Holsworthy Childrens Centre
Horse Watch
Playing Field Committee
Ruby Country
Senior Council
South West Lakes
Smart Club
St John Ambulance
Torridge District Council
5x30 excercise workshop
Taw & Torridge Volunteer Services
Twinning Committee
Wheels to Work

If you want to see more photographs of our art exhibition follow the link to homework and school work and click art.

Our PTA have bought us some Brass instruments and the school
is paying for a lucky group of children to have weekly
lessons from Paul.
Before you know it we'll be marching up and down the
village square.

Red Nose Day continued on the 20th March when Liam in Year 6 had a sponsored hair cut !
The pictures show before, during and after and even though it was
all Liam's idea his mum is delighted !!

Liam raised another £140 which means our school total is getting near £600.

Red Nose Day at
Bradworthy School

We wore what we wanted, sold hundreds of Red Nose Cakes, held a Silly Dance Competition and played some silly sports.

We also had a special prize draw.
Guess what the prize was .........
The pictures show the lucky winners
claiming their prize.

Amazingly hardly anyone wanted a
cuddle afterwards !!!

Thanks to everyone we raised an incredible
£421 !!!

Click the Red Nose above to find out
about how it will be used.

Class 5 visited IGER on Wednesday 11th March as part of Science Week.

Jerry the Clown taught us all about sound at the end of our visit.
We're working on an IGER page which you will be able to get to by
clicking the photo, when we've finished it !!!

Our "Gifted and Talented" Art Group spent the day working with the famous
artist Sandy Brown from Appledore.

Click her to visit Sandy's Website.
Check out the Class 5 page for more pictures and a report.

Our plans for Tuesday afternoon were high jacked by Class 5 who decided that
as it was Pancake Day we should make pancakes !
How could we argue ........

The pictures show a perfect flip !
Unfortunately we didn't have enough frying pans for a race ......... maybe next year !!
Most of the pancakes tasted great although the Chille and Cumin flavoured ones were interesting !!!

We had some snow for the first time in years on Monday 2nd February.
There was just enough for a snowball fight on the playground ..... but only just enough !!!

But this is a bit more like it .........

And this is a lot more like it .........

Robin Hoodie Comes to Town
This year’s school play at Bradworthy school was ROBIN HOODIE .We performed three shows this year. They were on Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th. We have worked on this play since September and I think it all paid off.

In the play we have the sissy Robin Hoodie (played by Ben). I think he would rather play with his Barbie than do this play!
Next we have his bunch of sissy merry men (Will, Tuck, LJ and Much).
Now lets move on to Moody Marion (played by Lauren), Marion is an all round tomboy and with her lady in waiting (Ashlea) they plan to take down the baddies.
The baddies are the evil Show-Off of Nottingham (Jake) some Guy from Gisborne (Abigail) and Prince John (Rachel), they don’t get along with Robin and his merry men, and they plan to destroy Robin.
Last but not least The 4 JESTERS, Jester 1 (Beth) Jester 2 (Erin) Jester 3 (Sophie) and Jester 4 (Abbie).
The Jesters get up to all sorts of fun which includes doing funny dances, saying silly things and much more stupid stuff.
That’s all the main actors but there are also many, many more actors, singers and dancers…..

The whole play would not have happened with out the help of Mr Furber (our director), Mr Dawson (our song writer) and Miss Daniel. I am sure they are all very proud of us!!

We think it was the best play in the world !!!
And the audiences agreed !!!

By Abbie and Lauren (Year 6)

There are more photos on our Drama
and Music page.

Christmas Service

On Thursday morning we went down to the village church to have our Christmas Carol Service.
We do this every year.

Lots of parents came and they helped us to sing some lovely songs.
Some of the Year 6 children read from the Bible and Mr Stephenson talked about Christmas.
Rev. Dorrington said a prayer at the end.

It was really nice to go to church.
We hope that eveyone has a happy Christmas.

The dress rehearsal for Robin Hoddie is taking place on Monday 15th December.
These Jesters seem ready .........




Everyone had a great time at our annual Christmas Meal.

In addition to the fantastic food which was cooked by Janet and Angie in our kitchen there was Christmas music, crackers, party poppers,and balloons which fell from the ceiling.

The adults brought our food and drinks to our tables.

Thank you to everyone who made the meal so good.

You can download a form from the newsletter at the bottom of this page (27.11.2008),
e-mail us at or ring 01409 241365.

Christmas Fayre
The children in Class 5 planned, organised and ran our Christmas Fayre, they did an amazing job.
On the day they took nearly £650 !!!

The children competed in their Houses to make the most profit and these are the results:

Herons - £ 170 . 48
Robins - £ 164 . 77
Magpies - £ 160 . 78
Puffins - £ 142 . 85

Over 20 of our children have guitar lessons every week.
This is one of the groups performing a song from Mama Mia in assembly

Tuesday 24th November was Christmas Craft Day.
It was fantastic that so many parents were able to come in and help our children
make Christmas Crafts to sell and the Christmas Fayre.

Halloween Disco

Class 1 have been building scarecrows to protect
our school

We all had a very busy day on Tuesday 14th October when we welcomed 60 guests for a Harvest Meal.
It was a real team effort, with excellent food prepared by our kitchen staff, wonderful singing from
our choir and Year 6 children waiting tables and acting as hosts.

Of course it wasn't all hard work .....

The stage is taking shape and rehersals are well under way .....

Why not check out our Drama and Music page.

Term Dates

Friday 2nd October - Brass Tuition begins
Friday 9th October - Kathy Recycle visiting school
Monday 12th October - Planetarium visiting school
Monday 13th / Tuesday 14th October - Parents Evenings
Friday 23rd October - Last Surfing session
Halloween Disco

Monday 26th - Friday 30th October - Half Term Break

Thursday 5th Novemebr - First school visit for January intake
December 15th / 16th / 17th - Cristmas Play
Friday 18th December - Last Day of Term

Additional dates will be added as they are arranged.

back to the top

Class 3 had a fantastic time at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter

They had a brilliant time watching "How the Giraffe got its Neck".

We've been asked to support the opening of new bird hides on the lower Tamar Lakes.
We wont just be attending the opening we'll also be setting up an exhibition of our art work.
To make sue that we draw and paint the right birds we've been bird watching.

We've been studying rocks this term in Class 5 and we
seem to have found one on this field trip !

Obviously you're desperate to find out what we're
up to so why not click on the image to visit our
Class 5 page and find out.

It's Audition Time Again !!!

These are the hopeful children before our auditions.
If you want to Know who got the main parts,
and what the play is, click the photo.

Some of us had loads of fun judging the village Scarecrow
Competition at the end of September.

The winning Scarecrows were in the Olympics (top left). They were
created by Lois, Wills and Ollie who go to our school.

2007 - 2008

School Newspaper

The latest school newspaper has been produced by the children in Class 5.
If you haven't got one yet they are available in local shops and from school.

Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly

Our leaver’s assembly was really good. Lots of certificates and awards were given out and all of the parents cried
when we said goodbye to the children. Some of the Year 6 children cried too.

Congratulations to the winners of our annual awards for academic and sporting achievement and effort.
We are very proud of all of these children because of their outstanding attitude during their years at Bradworthy School.

Academic Achievement :
Madeline Snell
Duncan Martyn

Academic Effort :
Jessica Stracey - Cheel
Matthew Carter

Sporting Achievement :
Harley - Jo Richards
Matthew Carter

Sporting Effort :
Victoria Urquhart
Joseph Fenney

Creative Arts :

Jessica Stracey - Cheel
Matthew Smart

Leaver’s BBQ

It was sunny at our Leaver’s BBQ this year and we all had a really cool time.
There was a band, football, Welly Wanging and loads of bouncy castles and assault courses.
There was a BBQ, a bar and lots of stalls.
The best bit was gunging Mr Stephenson. He was in the stocks and we paid to throw some really disgusting stuff at him.
The PTA sorted the BBQ out and we would like to say thank you for a really good night.

It's Official, Bradworthy Has Got Talent !!!

Bradworthy’s Got Talent.

We had a talent contest last week and it was really cool. Everyone said how good all of the acts were. It was really great that young kids and older kids were all taking part.

We had a team of judges who said what they thought of the acts. Matt, Vicki and Lianne were really nice judges but Robin was mean, just like Simon on TV.

Lots of our parents came to watch.
All of the children and all of the parents voted. These were the results:

1st Joseph
2nd Rockin Ravers
3rd Rachael

Joseph played the drums and he was completely amazing. Mr Stephenson sais that he had paid money to watch bands with drummers who weren’t as good as Joseph.

House point Cup

Every day we can get badges for doing good things in school.
Every week we can get special gold badges for trying hard,
doing good work, showing good manners, helping other people and things like this.
These badges and stickers give us points and our Houses try to win the House Point Cup every year.

This is this years result:

1st - Robins
2nd - Magpies
3rd - Herons
4th - Puffins

Everyone did really well.
Well done Robins.

Why are these childen so happy, and dressed for the middle
of winter ?
Click on this picture to find out !

This is Rockin Ravers recording their first song.

Lots of our children have guitar lessons every week.
Perhaps someone will go on to become a mega-star one day.
Keep watching Simon Cowel.

Click on this picture to find out why these boys are so tired.

Our Year 6 Children have taken part in this Year's Junior Life Skills event
at Fremington Camp.
As you can see they had a great time finding out how to be safe.

The children in Years 5 and 6 have been on a couple of science visits
recently. They've been finding out about the environment and space.
Check out the Class 5 page (go to Year Groups and Classes first) to
find out what they have to say about the trips.

James and the Giant Peach

Click on this picture of James to enter the magical world of
The Giant Peach ...............

You can even download a video clip of the beautiful song Dreamories
if you follow the link.
We are currently selling a DVD of the whole play in school and this clip will give
you an idea of how wonderful the play really was.
If you watch Dreamories and decide you would like a copy
please get in touch with our office.

Christmas Craft Fayre
This Year's Craft Fayre was organised and run by the children who are in Class 5.
They worked in their House Teams and were given a budget of £25.
Each team was given responsibility for selling the Christmas crafts made by one of the other Classes and the
things that they had made themselves. They also had to organise activities, games and competitions.
There challenge was to make as big a profit as possible.

The children were only given two days to prepare so the pressure was on !
It was a bit like a Bradworthy School version of the Apprentice.
Which teams would get the sack !!!

I have to say that I thought the children did an amazing job and between them they managed
to more than double the profit that the fayre made last year !

the teams were called to the boardroom and these are the results:

Herons £ 203.61
Puffins £ 161.69
Magpies £ 150.11
Robins £ 122.95

This photo shows the winning team, Herons, writing a report on
how they thought the fayre went.
Click on the photo to read what their report says.

Child Care

From Monday 15th November we will be offering a child care facility in school each morning.
Parents will be able to drop children off at 8.00am each day.
For more information download the 2nd November 2007 newsletter from the foot of this page.

Check out the drama / music page for an announcement about our Christmas Play.

School Buildings
Did you know that the number of children on our school roll is expected to be over 140
after Christmas.
This is a record for our school and with the village continuing to grow we are presented
with a range of challenges for the future.

The central problem is simple - we don't have enough space in school for all the children we have.
We would love to form a 6th Class in the near future but we have nowhere to base it.

Our governors have outlined some key areas for development and we are working to make them happen:

  • a new classroom
  • a new purpose built area for playgroup
  • a new, and bigger, school hall
  • a covered outdoor area for younger children to work in
  • changing rooms for sport
  • bigger school kitchens
  • new staffroom and staff toilets
  • more storage space
  • more energy efficient ways of servicing the school

    This is a big list but we are all committed to developing our school and we believe that
    if we work together and are determined then all of the above will prove possible.
If anyone has any comments or ideas please get in touch.

£500 from Natwest Bank

Our thanks to Karen Seagar who organised our sponsored walk this year. As a result of the walk's success
she was able to get £500 from Natwest Bank.
Thank you to Natwest too.


Each year the school gets a Value Added Score from the government which reflects how well our children progress in
English, Maths and Science as they move through the school.

I’m sure you will be pleased to hear that our value added score is very good again this year. Once again we are in the top 10%
of schools nationally and this is excellent because it shows that our children
are developing really well no matter what their ability.


Sketching on the banks of the river Torridge is just one of the things we've been doing.
Check out the School Trips page and the Class pages to find out more.

School Garden
Go to the school grounds page to see some photos of us working in the new school garden.

Harvest Meal

It was wonderful to welcome so many people in to school for our annual Harvest Meal.

As always we would like to say a big thank you to Janet and Angie for their excellent work preparing the meal. By the time they had served both our children and guests they had cooked over 150 meals which is quite an achievement.

We were very proud of the children in Year 6 who really impressed us with their hard work in greeting our guests and in waiting the tables. Their enthusiasm, friendly nature and excellent manners were a real credit to the school.

Clubs :
(Autumn 2007 )
After School
Cross Country Running
Climbing ( Year 6 )

Fitness Work

Tag Rugby (Years 5 and 6)
Swimming ( Years 5 and 6 )
Tag Rugby (Years 3 and 4)
Key Stage 1 Multi Sports
Football ( KS2 )
Netball ( KS2 )

Key Stage 1 Football
Girl's Football

Surfing ( Years 5 and 6 )

2006 - 2007

As always we said goodbye and goodluck to our Year 6 children at
our leavers assembly at the end of the Summer Term.
I think this poem, written by on eof the Year 6 girls (who wants to remain anonymous)
sums the occasion up perfectly.

To the teachers of Bradworthy Primary,
We'd like to thank you all.
For being such great teachers,
And picking us up when we fall.

Theres been laughs,
Theres been tears,
Theres been fun things,
And facing fears.

Netballs been great,
Drama was a ball.
Music full of fun,
We've liked playtime most of all.

Our friends have stuck by us,
Right from Key Stage one,
We've had creative discussions,
but also lots of fun.

These last few years,
The best of us has come out,
W e've learnt how to be quiet,
And also how to shout.

To think we've completed Bradworthy,
Of which we're very proud.
Whatever we do in the future,
We'll always be part of Bradworthy's crowd.

It's our turn to say goodbye,
Our future follows our heart,
Wherever we end up,
We'll always remember you taught us from the start.

Leavers Assembly / Award

Congratulations to the winners of our annual awards for academic and sporting achievement and effort.
We are very proud of all of these children because of their outstanding attitude during their years at Bradworthy School.

Academic Achievement :
Meg Furse
Zak Smart

Academic Effort :
Becky Andrew
Fraser Martyn

Sporting Achievement :
Jade Gifford
Thomas Vallance

Sporting Effort :
Daniella Stevens
Connor Morris

Healthy School Status

These children from Class 5 are braving the rain
to celebrate the award of our Healthy School Status.
The school was inspected during the Summer Term and I am delighted to be able to inform you that as a result of this we have been awarded “Healthy Schools Status.”

This means that the many things which we have done over the years to promote the health and fitness of the children who attend our school have been officially recognised.
The award is an indication that things like the children’s activity levels and the sporting opportunities we give them are very good. It is also a reflection on the quality of our school meals and break service and on the children’s understanding of what it means to eat in a balanced and healthy way.
Perhaps even more importantly than the above the award is an excellent reflection on the way in which our children treat each other and those around them.
I often tell the children that the best thing about our school is the children who come here because of the wonderful way in which they conduct themselves and I think that this award highlights this.

I would like to thank everyone for their commitment to making Bradworthy School a healthy and productive environment for our children to learn in. This includes the children themselves, our staff and of course you as parents.

House Champions

Our children are organised in to four houses and during the year they are awarded points for things like putting in effort, excellent work,
good behaviour, manners, being helpful and a range of things which are worthy of note.
The children can earn badges during the week and in addition to this they are also given a gold headteachers award
for anything which is consodered to be exceptional each week.
These achievements are celebrated each Friday at our "Gold Book" assembly.

The points are compiled and at the end of each year we announce our annual House Champions.

Puffins 1162 points
Magpies 1094 points
Herons 1026 points
Robins 1002 points

We would all like to a say a really big well done to all our children and especially those who are in Robins.

Sponsored Walk, 2007
On 12th June Bradworthy School went to Lympscott Farm to do a sponsored walk. We walked around the Tamar Lakes and back.
We all went the the same way but the younger ones set off first and got back first. We met for lunch at the lale playground.
Janet and Angie (the dinner ladies) brought packed lunces out to the lakes.
Lots of the younger ones mums walked with them.
At the end of the walk we had ice cream and juice at Lympscott Farm.

Interactive Whitboards

The School has had interactive whiteboards installed in Classes 1, 3, 4 and 5 this term.
Their installation has incurred a huge financial outlay and we would like to thank
our PTA for their support.
The boards are already being used very effectively to support teaching and learning.

Red Nose Day

We had another crazy day in school supporting Comic Relief.
The pictures show our silly dance competition, the Red Nose cake stall, silly sports on the palyground
and everyones favourite - "Gunge the Teacher."
As you can see the children all came in fancy dress.

Thank You to
everyone who helped
us raise an amazing

Bradworthy School in National Top 20

Every Year the government publishes information to do with school standards and this
year's data places us in the top 20 schools nationally.

Each year information is published by the government which gives information about how well our children are
performing in English, maths and science. A school's value added score measures how well
children progress as they go through the school.

Bradworthy's Value Added score in 2006 placed us 20th position nationally and 1st in Devon this year.
This means that the progress that our children made is the 20th best in the country.

We are obviously very pleased with this result because it shows how well our children are doing, however what makes us
especially pleased is that this academic success comes alongside a huge range of
other experiences (such as trips, our play and all the clubs we run to name only a few things) which we
offer our children and which we are equally proud of.

Murder at Bradworthy School !!!

Here at Bradworthy School there has been a terrible crime.....
Someone has gone and murdered old Marmaduke. But don't be alarmed
this is just another Christmas exravaganza.

Click here to find out all about "Murder at Muddlestone Manor."

Trips in October


Beaches Around Bude


Hartland Quay

The Harvest Meal on Friday 20th October was lovely and I think that all of our guests had a good time.

As always we are very grateful to Janet and Angie in our kitchen because the event would not have been possible without their hard work.
Everyone commented on the excellent standard of the food and I think it is well worth remembering that our children get this quality of food every day.

I would like to compliment the children in Year 6 who waited on the tables and more generally were excellent hosts. They were a real credit to themselves and the school and I am very proud of them.

Our choir sang beautifully, providing excellent entertainment at the end of the meal

2005 - 2006

Leavers Assembly / Award

Congratulations to the winners of our annual awards for academic and sporting achievement and effort.
We are very proud of all of these children because of their outstanding attitude during their years at Bradworthy School.

Academic Achievement :

Freya Holding
Oliver Bently-Jones

Academic Effort :

Jessie Bayliss
Bradley Howells

Sporting Achievement :

Amy Neil
Shane Shadrick

Sporting Effort :

Debbie Jones
Bradley Howells

Maypole World Record

Maypole World Record

Two Bradworthy teams, Langtree, Instow, Wolfardisworthy, Otterham, Halwill and Highampton set a world record in maypoling on Wednesday the 12th of July which was held in Bradworthy and shown on TV!

Kids from bradworthy school rapped up the ribbons so they were straight and wouldn’t snap. On the morning Mr Furber and a couple of boys unwrapped the ribbons and handed them over to Mr Dawson so he could tie them onto the pole.

Mr Dawson our music teacher organised a world record attempt in maypoling, he asked 7 schools to come to bradworthy playing fields and dance around a 25 foot pole. He asked the Guinness world records if it was ok and they sent Mr Dawson a letter of permission so he could proceed in doing the world record. Tim Paine put two metal poles together and stuck it firmly into the centre of the football pitch.
Two news groups came ITV and the BBC! Kids from Bradworthy and other schools got interviewed, Mr Dawson interviewed and so did Tim Paine.

We did 3 dances, Rainbow Criss Cross, Spider Web and Duck Bill it’s a Platypus.
It was a great success, on the last dance at the end we chucked our ribbons into the air. The whole thing took 1 hour.
The first dance was great, we had to skip around the maypole holding onto the ribbon. It was warm but very windy so we had to hold onto the ribbons tightly.
The second dance was a wacky dance, we stood a metre away from people and we had to walk towards them but not normally, we had to do the craziest dance we could.
The third and final dance was `the hardest, we had to go round the maypole lifting your ribbon over people and going under then or going under over depending on the colour of your ribbon.

By Elliot Lewis.

Residential Trips

On the summit of Snowdon.

The Roman Baths.
Our Key Stage 2 children took part in two fantastic residential trips duringthe summer term.
Our older children (Years 5 and 6) spent 5 days in Snowdonia and our younger children 3 days in Bristol.
To all about the trips and to see loads of pictures click the above link to School Trips.

New Classroom Assistants

We are delighted to welcome three new members of staff who will be supporting our children in school.

Our youngest children, in Class 1, will be working with Nikki Martyn and Helen Carey and the children in Class 2 will
be working with Teena Cann.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all three of them to Bradworthy School.
I am sure we will all have an excellent time working together and I know that their appointments will
be to the great benefit to all of the children in these classes.

Sponsored Walk

Sponsored Walk

On Friday 23rd June Bradworthy Primary school went to Lympscott Farm to do a sponsored walk around the Tamar Lakes.

We left school at 9:30 to get to the fm for 10:00. Parents very kindly came into school to drive so we could get there on time. When we got there the children all ran around on the lawn while the teachers got themselves organised. We started to walk at 10:15.

There were to different routes, a longer one for the older children (key stage 2) and a shorter on for the younger children (key stage 1)
The older children walked up the lane for a while then went in a field on to a path which lead them to the woods and lake.
While the little ones went through a little gate on the lawn and up a stone lane to the lake. It took about 2 hours to get round but we all made it in the end.
When lake when we got to the lake the kitchen staff brought every ones packed lunch. After lunch we started to walk back.
When we got back to the fm there were ice-creams which were very kindly donated by Tommy James . then we all went back to school for a very relaxing afternoon.

The Children really enjoyed themselves and have made lots of money for the future.

By Meg Furse and Hannah Petherick

New Computers

During the Easter holidays the school received some new computers.
These computers are faster and easier to use.

The school had 7 new black computers and 3 of its original white computers updated to Windows XP through Remedy-IT.

The P.T.A has helped by raising £5000 to buy the new equipment. Also we had an Art competition organised by the
P.T.A to draw the best Easter holiday picture.

“The computers are faster, easier to use and in addition to this there are 2 more than before making a
grand total of 12 computers,” quoted Mr Stephenson.
“The new computers are easier to save work on and another
benefit is you can access your work from any computer, before the new computers you could only
access the work from the computer you saved it on,” quoted Ruth Payne.

By David Fairbrother.

Miss Whitley Turns into Mrs Hare !

Class 1’s teacher Miss Whitley was
married in the summer
term 2006.

In July 2006 our class 1 teacher got married.
Her new name is Mrs Anna Hare and her husband is called Mr Harry Hare.

She travelled all the way to her home town of Brighton to get married because that’s where all
her family live, which is really
sad because we weren’t able to watch
the wedding.

The whole of Bradworthy school wished her well on her big day and presented her with flowers, presents and tokens.

By Daniella Stevens

Drum-Crazy Visit

Drum-Crazy visited the school on Wednesday 22nd March.

They did workshops with each class and the children had a fantastic, and very noisy time.

Spring Art Competition

Our PTA are running an art competition this term which will give the children an excellent opportunity to show off their talents.

The children will need to produce any piece of art on the theme of spring. It could be a drawing, a painting, a collage, work
done in pastels or anything else that they can think of.

Work should be produced on A4 paper and each entry will cost 50p.
The closing date is 3rd April.

Carol Service

We ended the Autumn Term with a carol service in Bradworthy Church.
We sang a range of traditional and modern carols and there were readings from some of the older children.
Rev. Dorrington said prayers.

As always it was lovely to share this event with lots of parents.

Christmas Meal / Party / Disco

Our annual Christmas meal took place on Friday 16th December.
We served nearly 120 meals with our staff acting as waiters and waitresses for the children.
There was Christmas music, crackers, party poppers and hundreds of balloons were dropped from the ceiling.

On Monday 19th December Classes 1 and 2 had their Christmas Party.
Children in Classes 3, 4 and 5 had a disco during the evening.

The Island of Treasure

Our Christmas Play was a huge success thanks to everyone's hard work.
The children performed to three packed houses and we were all very proud of their efforts.

Click on the above link for the full story and loads of photos which you are free to download.

Christmas Caft Day and Fayre.

On Thursday 1st December we were delighted to welcome lots of our parents into school to work with our children.
Everyone had an excellent day.

We made loads of wonderful things which we sold at the craft fayre on Saturday 3rd December.
We raised nearly £300 which will be used to pay for things loike the Christmas Party and Disco.

Snow !

We don't get much snow in North Devon so Friday 25th November was a day to remember.

And the best thing was that school was closed !!!

When the children started arriving at 8.30am there wasn't a flake of snow anywhere, but by 9.00am we had an inch.
By the time the last of our children was collected at 11.30am over 6 inches had fallen and the snow didn't stop until the middle of the afternoon.

The photos show children, staff and parents in the middle of a snow ball fight, and building a snowman.
They show how much fun education can be !!!

Start of Autumn Term

We've had an excellent start to the term. Everyone has come back refreshed after the summer break and we are
looking forward to another good year in school. we're sure to get up to a great range of exciting activities.

It is lovely to welcome Anna Whitley to our Foundation Class and Becki Daniel to Class 4.
I know that they will both prove to be great additions to our staff.
It is also lovely to welcome Angela Davies to Class 3 in her new role as a Key Stage 2 teacher and
to welcome Robin Lewis back as sports coach after a year away from Bradworthy.

All of the above represent a great deal of change in school but this is very positive and after
a difficult 18 months we are all very positive about the future.

Playground Opening
( check out the school grounds page for more photographs and information )

Class 5 have been following the River Torridge from its source near Brimford
Bridge to its mouth at Appledore.

( more information and pictures are on Class 5's web page which can be accessed through Year Groups and Classes )

Class Trips
Classes 2 and 5 have been out and about over the last week looking at a local river and an
ice-cream factory.
If you want to find out more look at the class pages under Year Groups and Classes.

Harvest Meal

Our annual Harvest Meal took place on Tuesday 18th October in the School Hall.
We welcomed 60 grandparents and older people from the village
and children from Class 5 worked as waiters.
Harvest based entertainment was provided by our choir and we were very grateful to
Ann Stevens who accompanied them on the piano.
A local roast beef meal was prepared by Janet, Angie and Caroline in our school kitchens
and everyone commented how fantastic this was.
Our children are verey lucky to get this standard of food every day !

The meal was a great success and I would like to say how proud I was of the way
in which our children both worked and behaved.
They were a great credit to themselves and the school.

2004 - 2005
The children in Years 5 and 6 enjoyed a very successful and enjoyable trip to London the week before last. We had a fantastic time visiting The London Eye, The National Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Houses of Parliament, The British Museum, Madam Tausaud’s, The Planetarium and Thorpe Park. We also took part in a trip on the river Thames, went to the cinema, 10 pin bowling, ice skating and to see The Lion King at the theatre.

This is us on the London Eye.
It has to be admitted that the view out the window was alot better than this lot !

Some of the stars had a chance to meet us!

These two didn't have very much to say for themselves though.

All of this said we ended up having a very difficult day on Thursday when a terrorist attack took place in Central London.
At the time of the attack we were travelling on our own coach ( rather than the underground which we had been using throughout the week ) and we spent the morning having an excellent time at Madam Tausaude’s completely oblivious to everything which was going on.
Obviously parents back in school were hearing about the horrific events which were taking place and because the telephone network was down there was a terrible couple of hours when we couldn’t be contacted. As I am sure you can imagine this was an extremely difficult and traumatic period of time for the parents of the children who were away.

We gave serious consideration to returning home early, however the children were keen to visit Thorpe Park on Friday and as we could see no risk to their safety we decided that this was the most reasonable course of action.

I would like to place on record the extremely sensible and mature way in which the children dealt with this situation. We were all very proud of them.

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend our deepest sympathies to everyone who was involved in, or effected by, the terrible events of last Thursday. The thoughts of everyone at Bradworthy School are with them.
As it has turned out we have all returned home safely and for this we are all eternally grateful, especially as so many have not.

The School has Supported a Number of Charities.

The school supports a range of charities each year including support for our local Air Ambulance and The North Devon Children's Hospice.
In January the children raised over £400 for the Tsunami Relief Fund and, as these pictures show, we were fully involved in Red Nose Day.
As usual the Headteacher got gunged !

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