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Bradworthy School Staff Page

School Diary
Staff Responsibilities
Development Plan
School Policies
Health and Safety
Forms and General Information

School Diary

Please note that this diary is not guaranteed secure.


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Staff Responsibilities

Click on this image to download a list of things that different
members of staff are currently responsible for.

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School Development Plans

Three Year Overview
Autumn 2008
Health and Safety

Modern Foreign Languages
Global Diversity
Assessment / Reporting Target Setting
Individual Subject Development
Healthy Schools
Thinking Skills
Financial Systems

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School Policies
As professionals all members of staff are responsible for ensuring that they are
familiar with aspects of school policy as set out in the documents below.
If there are concerns, or in the instance where areas are unclear, members of staff
are expected to speak with members of senior staff so that they have clarity.

Budget Responsibilities

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Health and Safety
All members of school staff are responsible for their own Health and Safety and
the Health and Safety of other people who are using the school.

You can obtain information about school policies and paractices by
down loading our Health and Safety Policy.

Current School Issues
When weather conditions are bad you must consider your own health and safety.
For example, if you judge that it is not safe to travel to school because
of snow, don't travel.
Listen to the radio and take advice about travelling.

If you are going on a trip you must download a risk assessment from below and
get it signed by the Headteacher.

You should also fill in a personal and buildings risk assessment each year
(even if it is a Nil Return) or when you believe that there is a need to.

If you are unsure about something, or you need information, you can download
the Devon Health and Safety Manual or you can speak to a senior member of staff.

There are also assessments for stress, pregnancy and if you are a display screen user.
If you are thinking of using the cooker or kiln please download the policy first.

Click here for the latest Devon Hazard Alert

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Forms and Information

Bullying Report Form
Bump Note
Child Abuse Notification Form
Devon Education Health and Safety Manual
Display Screen Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment Form
Lettings Booking Form
Medium Term Planning Grid
Parental Permission for Off Site Activities
Personal Risk Assessment Form
Professional Standards for Teachers (Main Scale)
Professional Standards for Teachers (Post Threshold)
Racist Incident Report Form
Risk Assessment (Day Trips)
Risk Assessment (Residential Trips)
Risk Assessment (Sporting Visits)
School Risk Assessment Form (Classrooms and General Areas)
Summary of Health and Safety for Volunteers and Supply Staff
Staff Stress Risk Assessment
Using the Portable Cooker
Using the Kiln

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